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CLICK HERE FOR YouTube Video "Targted2Free Keri Burnor Interviews her Uncle Kevin Burnor 7 August 2018"

Keri Burnor Interviews her uncle Kevin Burnor 7 August 2018, a story wherein her uncle has been targeted by the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex for over 2 decades. Uncle Kevin relates his story from the beginning when his son unknowingly gave him a toxic drink, to being honorably discharged for refusing to get on a plane that later crashed, to serving in ministry, to having to leave the country during the previous administrations since there were no protections in place for people targeted and terrorized by being implanted against their will with foreign monitoring and torture devices. Uncle then returned to the United States upon learning that his niece Keri Burnor achieved a remedy (upon Donald J Trump coming into office) relating to her own experience of being targeted for death multiple times using Military Grade, Designer, Innovative Nanotechnology Weapons. This is a story of progress, hope and achievement. 
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