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Sister Keri Burnor (former Catholic nun) as guest on 'The Investigative Journal' with Attorney Jonathan H Levy July 17, 2009 (1 hour) discussing 'The Untold Truth behind Clergy Abuse and Cover Up'.


Dr. Jonathan Levy is a member of International Criminal Bar - Barreau Penal in The Hague and has practiced extensively before the UN organizations, the African Union, international tribunals, and in the courts of several countries.

Vatican Bank accused of money laundering video

Vatican bank accused of laundering article

Attorney calls for Mass Suits Against Pope by all Victims


Greg Szymanski is an independent investigative journalist, columnist and is radio host to 'The Investigative Journal'. Go to the Liberty Radio Live link below for 'The Investigative Journal' radio show schedule.


To Listen to the Interview, CLICK HERE.

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